"I recently was referred to Chris Esper by a good friend when I had to get out a last minute audition tape. His direction for his actors is clear and precise. He knew exactly when and how an adjustments needed to be made. I found his professionalism as well as his demeanor to be top notch. He is reliable and efficient, with a great personality..... I strongly recommend him."

- Kathryn Shasha, Actress

"Chris has an absolute passion for the industry and it shines through whether it is his own project or he is assisting with someone else's. I truly loved working with him and I will not be one bit surprised if his talent and ambition take him to another level someday!"

- Peggy Passarelli, Actress ("Still Life")

Still Life_5.png

"Chris Esper is probably the best director I've worked with. He can explain exactly what he wants from an actor in varied, yet simple, terms. Very easy-going and professional."

- Jay Darigan, Actor ("Rhode Island Divorce Mediation Center")

"Wise beyond his years and dedicated to the craft of storytelling, Chris Esper stands apart from most directors here in New England. As an actor, I found it to be extremely comfortable working with Chris. He gave me the creative space to bring to life the character as I felt it needed to be. He was considerate and very open to my ideas of character interpretation and when needed, he gently suggested additional options for my performance. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with Chris if the opportunity presents itself."

- Jose Gonsalves, Actor ("Beacons")


"Chris is a great director to work with. Very professional, well thought out shot plans, and gives direction to bring out the best performance in an actor. Everyone on his sets has a great time, along with getting done a great quality of filmmaking." 

- Dave Sackal, Actor ("Beacons" and "Please Punish Me")

"First off, Chris Esper is absolutely wonderful to work with...I should know as I have worked with him on several occasions. Now on an artistic point of view, Chris is not only a gifted & talented film maker but he  excels at directing and writing as well. At 23 years of age, his work is being noticed & appreciated all around and is leaving a beautiful imprint in our industry already. Chris Esper is a name you should remember, cause you will be seeing it for years to come!"

- Carlyne Fournier, Actress ("Still Life")