"Always A Reason" is a 3 minute short film submitted as part of the Project Greenlight competition about a man who has lost everything and contemplates suicide until a phone call makes him think twice.


  • Directed and Produced by: Chris Esper and Don Tempesta
  • Written by: Don Tempesta
  • Cast: Don Tempesta and Christian Goodwin
  • Director of Photography: James DeMello
  • Edited by: Chris Esper
  • Sound: David Ryan Kopcych
  • Music by: Jorge Mario Toban and Sebastian Zapata


  • Official Selection, Wiper Online Film Festival (2015)
  • Official Selection, Heart of the Pines Film Festival (Houston, TX) (2015)
  • Official Selection, NewFilmmakers New York Film Festival (New York, NY) (2015)
  • Official Selection, Films Open Mic Film Festival (New York, NY) (2015)
  • Official Selection, SENE Film, Arts and Music Festival (Providence, RI) (2015)
  • Excellence in Storytelling winner (Chris Esper & Don Tempesta), Stories by the River Film Festival (Quincy, MA) (2015)
  • Best Cinematography nominee (James DeMello), Stories by the River Film Festival (Quincy, MA) (2015)
  • Official Selection, Stories by the River Film Festival (Quincy, MA) (2015)
  • Official Selection, Culver City Film Festival (Culver City, CA) (2014)
  • Official Selection, Shawna Shea Film Festival (Somerville, MA) (2014)
  • Official Selection, #TOFF: The Online Film Festival (2014)