In this short crime/drama, a corrupt police officer finds herself in trouble with internal affairs after a shooting gone bad.


  • Directed by: Chris Esper

  • Screenplay by: Kris Salvi

  • Cast: Audrey Noone, Justin Thibault, Chris Fisher, Marc Powers, Christie Devine, & Kris Salvi

  • Director of Photography: Evan Schneider

  • Edited by: Chris Esper

  • Sound: Adam Parchesky

  • Sound Design/Mixing & Music by: Mathew Solomon


  • Nominee for Best Film Noir/Thriller Short, UNDO Divergent Film Awards (Boston, MA) (2018)

  • Official Selection, Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival (Boston, MA) (2018)

  • Official Selection, Cabin Fever Film Festival (Warren, OH) (2019)

  • Official Selection, Silicon Beach Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA) (2019)

  • Official Selection, Boston International Film Festival (Boston, MA) (2019)

  • Nominated for Best Drama Short Film, Action on Film International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV) (2019)

  • Winner for Best Drama Short Film, Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV) (2019)



"The viewer gets a definite feeling of authenticity in how the cops interact with each other and in the way the moral—or immoral—choices hang over some and not so much over others. After all is said and done, though, what sticks in the mind is Audrey Noone’s face. The final shot of her haunts us well after the credits have rolled." - Scott Larson, Scott's Movie Comments

“Bent is a pretty great ‘crooked cop’ movie that works quite as beautifully as it does because it does focus not so much on the action that the genre pretty much brings with itself but on the human drama underlying it all, which is not hammered home though but delivered in a very subtle way. And naturally, a first rate cast helps enormously bringing the point across as well!” - Michael Haberfelner, (re)Search my Trash

"'Bent' is a fascinating look at the world of cops that we do not usually get and that for that alone, it is worth seeing." - Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen

“There’s a lot to like about the film including the direction and the cinematography but what really makes the film compelling is the story which keeps you drawn to the screen the entire time. Another thing is the cast, everyone in the film did a great job but if I had to point out a few actors they would be Justin Thibault who plays crooked Michael and Kris Salvi who plays an Internal Affairs agent. Kris always makes you sit straight up in your chair and pay attention any time he is on screen regardless of the movie he is in. And last but not least the super talented Audrey Noone who plays Brenda. She steals every scene she is in with her emotional performance. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.” - Patrick Ricketts, Video Views

"Esper and his cast are up for the challenge, as he is acutely familiar with the way a film like this should look and feel, and he gets that style on screen extremely well. Rating: A-" - Brian Skutle, Sonic-Cinema

“In total, ‘Bent’ is another winning feather in the cap for Esper and Company, a sincere effort about insincere people, where dubious choices may end up wrecking the life of one of their own who’s been awakened to the fact that being corrupt doesn’t actually have its advantages—at least not as many as they originally thought.” - Kirk S. Fernwood, One Film Fan

“Another fine piece of work from a young director who is forever improving with every project. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars” - Carl Burgess, ScreenCritix

“A solid film noir about anti-heros.” - Mark Krawczyk, The Final Cut

“‘Bent’ is a film that you admire more for its craft than its immersive qualities. It's a cineaste's film, the kind of film that true connoisseurs of cinema embrace because they understand the craft. If there were such a thing as an arthouse short, and some would argue there is, it would likely exist in the form of a film like Bent, a nicely crafted thriller that draws you in with its precise dialogue and keeps you on the strength of its ensemble cast. Rating: 3 out of 4 stars." - Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"‘Bent’ is a good short film that possibly hints at greater things to come from Chris Esper." - Laurie Delaire, OC Movie Reviews

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Nominated Best Drama Short - Action on Film MegaFest 15th Annual Film Festival - 2019.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cabin Fever Film Fest - 2019.png