In this short fantasy/comedy, a man who experiences deja vu when he spots a woman sitting on a park bench - a woman he remembers from a dream but has never met. When their paths finally cross, a portal opens which takes each of their lives in unexpected directions.


  • Directed by: Chris Esper
  • Screenplay by: Jason K. Allen
  • Cast: Christie Devine, Kris Salvi, Craig Capone, JP Valenti & Adam Miller
  • Director of Photography: Evan Schneider
  • Edited by: Chris Esper
  • Sound: Andrew Marsden
  • Music by: Steven Lanning-Cafaro


  • Number 10 on The Top 20 Short Films of 2016 by A Word of Dreams
  • Rated Number 1 short film trailer on UK Film Review
  • Official Selection, Short to the Point International Short Film Festival (Bucharest, Romania) (2017)
  • Winner of Best Actor (Kris Salvi), Best Short Comedy and Best Picture, West Coast Film Awards (Malibu, CA) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Los Angeles Cinefest (Los Angeles, CA) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Lake View International Film Festival (India) (2017)
  • Winner of Audience Award for Best Regional Comedy, SENE Film, Arts & Music Festival (Providence, RI) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Silicon Beach Film Festival (Marina del Ray, CA) (2017)
  • Screening at the Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner (Cannes, France) (2017)
  • Runner-up Winner for Best Cinematography Short-Short, Action on Film International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Leah's Indie Film Series (Portsmouth, NH) (2017)
  • Finalist, TEXAS Ultimate Shorts (Houston, TX) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Red Phoenix Underground Film Festival (PA) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Meraki International Indian Short Film Festival (India) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Jersey Shore Film Festival (Asbury Park, NJ) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Macoproject Online Shorts Festival (2017)
  • Nominated for Best Comedy Short Film and Best Filmmaker of 2017 on Screen Critix
  • Official Selection, Massachusetts Independent Film Festival (Cambridge, MA) (2017)
  • Nominated for Best Music (Steven Lanning-Cafaro), Sanford International Film Festival (Sanford, ME) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival (Cambridge, MA) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Boston Comedy Festival Funny Shorts (Somerville, MA) (2017)
  • Official Selection, Boston Galactic STARS (Boston, MA) (2017)
  • Nominated for Best Actor (Kris Salvi), Maverick Movie Awards (Los Angeles, CA) (2017)
  • Winner of Third Place for Best Picture, Iconic Film Festival (Arlington, MA) (2017)
  • Official Selection, SNOB Film Festival (Concord, NH) (2017)
  • Winner of Platinum Award, Oregon International Film Awards (2017)
  • Winner of Best Comedy Fantasy Short, Hollywood International Media Festival (Hollywood, CA) (2017)
  • Named One of the Top Short Films of 2017 by
  • Official Selection, Love Your Shorts Film Festival (Sanford, FL) (2018)
  • Official Selection, Cabin Fever Film Festival (Sharon, PA) (2018)
  • Official Selection, DRAFT Fest (Derry, NH) (2018)



"...the film is loads of fun as it just takes its absurdity from one level to the next without going for plain silliness or over-blown spectacle. Instead it's carried by a very subtle directorial effort, a solid cast that plays it straight, and of course a script that makes the pure enjoyment of telling its story palpable.
Totally worth a watch!" - Michael Haberfelner, (re)Search my Trash
"The Deja Vuers is a strange premise, filmed in one location with a handful of actors, and it never gets boring. In fact, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed director Chris Esper’s short effort. It has some great performances in it and it looks and sounds good too. 4 out of 5 stars." - Carl Burgess, ScreenCritix
"This is nigh-on perfect and because of this the film earns a solid 4.5 stars. It is clever and provides the viewer with an interesting take on not one but two gags rolled together. These types of movies are what the short film was invented for; quick, funny and clever, this one is a definite winner. 4.5 out of 5 stars" - Michael Smith, Mike's Film Talk
"This short film is brilliant in creating an oddly satisfying déjà vu moment which links into so many other moments the audience would never guess are coming." - Bethan Strike, Striking Film Reviews
"'The Deja Vuers' is a wonderful display of talent and wise storytelling moves all around. 4.5 out of 5 stars." - Andrew Buckner, A Word of Dreams
"This is a funny, engaging, entertaining and surprising 8 minute short that packs more into its run time than most Hollywood feature films. 5 out of 5 stars." - Patrick Ricketts, VideoViews
"At 8 minutes, we get everything we need from the film, and yet, like any good story, you feel like you’d like to see it continue, if only to see whether Chuck and Morgan’s lives cross again, and what possibilities would exist. Even if it doesn’t, we feel blessed to be included in such an important moment for these two characters. That’s the mark of what a good film can do. Rating: A" - Brian Skutle, Sonic-Cinema
"It destroys the notion that it is impossible to enjoy something without understanding the time and the context. You definitely should want to have a look at 'The Déjà Vuers' and then try to think it out." - Amos Lassen, Reviews by Amos Lassen
" of those magical little short films that you stumble across at an indie film festival and instantly find yourself smiling for the rest of the day. Rating: A-." - Richard Propes, The Independent Critic
"Chris Esper continues his streak of intelligent, wryly witty, well-cast, smartly executed short films with this newest 10-minute effort that very astutely explores the idea of deja vu while infusing an additional fantastical element into it." - Kirk Fernwood, One Film Fan
"The pleasure in the viewing is that of a well told joke where you cannot really quite anticipate the punch line." - Scott Larson, Scott's Movie Comments
"It’s executed well, it’s funny and well worth watching, emphasized by the brilliant tag line 'Another Century. Same Fruit Cocktail.' Rating: 8/10." - Rebecca Cherry, Film Carnage
"This movie is one you can watch over and over and discover something new you find hilarious, or hilariously depressing, which is impressive for a short film that clocks in just under eight minutes. Rating: 7/10." - David Melton, The Film Philospher
"An enjoyable short film." - Mark Krawczyk, The Final Cut
"When all is said and done The Deja Vuers will appeal to all audiences with it’s smart humor and it’s surprising fantasy elements that bring this little gem of a short film to life. Rating: 5/5." - Kevin Kincaid, Film Fervor
"The film is a comedic take on a subject even science has trouble describing, and had me giggling from the first minute to the last. It’s an excellent example of the “what would I do in that situation,” but taken to an unexpected and amusing extreme. Jason and Chris have made a film that takes the concept of déjà vu to absurd lengths, and I mean that in the best of ways!" - Leah Gage, Leah's Movie Loedown
"This joke evolves and expands, constantly forcing us to wonder if what we’re seeing is some elaborate prank or the cosmos aligning. Our skepticism dictates that we question everything and the laughter grows more intense as a result." - Jared Mobarak,
"Esper and writer Jason K. Allen have concocted a whimsical little movie that examines how we relate to our past, while living in the present, hoping for a better future." - Tom Lobascio, The Last Reel
"'The Deja Vuers' is a very creative and fresh short film with some thought provoking themes, as well as providing a pretty funny means of delivering those ideas. Writer Allen’s screenplay is wry and witty, and the direction by Esper is allows for the fantasy element to seep through what would have been a flat scenario with a lesser director." - Felix Vasquez, Crazed-Cinema
"The Deja Vuers is a funny, somewhat relatable, clean and subtle production. The two leads are entertaining to watch and the direction, whilst minuscule in scale, is fantastic." - Taryll Baker, UK Film Review
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